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If you are a soldier or veteran, we want to hear from you. Submit poems, prose, stories, and anecdotes sharing your own war stories. It doesn’t have to be bombs and bullets. Share your funny, tragic, and absurd tales of political intrigue, menial drugery, or extraordinary relationships and experiences.

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  1. Savali Sunia

    Hey I had a great time in Iraq too. I spent almost 12months over in Baghdad in camp slayer and I worked as an administrative assistant. I really didn’t go out much on patrol, but I did go on two trips out the gate. I had an unforgettable experience with the local citizens of Iraq and with other people who were from like Pakistan, India, or Phillipines contracted by USA to work on U.S fobs or campls. They were all cool people.
    I guess the most scariest incident I thought I had encounter were the local citizens who were contracted to help move big concrete baracades around the camp. The men ended up fighting and I had tried to break up the fight and knowing about the culture there in Iraq (They don’t acknowledge women most times), the men continued to fight. The fight got worse that one of them started throwing massive stones and bump rushing eachother. I could not control the fight it was out of control and I had to get my partner down where I was. I was literally by myself (only soldier). My Battle buddy was monitoring other local nationals. The whole incident was scary because one of the men pushed me aside forcefully and I almost lost my balance. I was hold my M4 and I also had an M9 with me a loaded up wearing my flak vest. So imagine trying to balance with two weapons loaded wearing a heavy flak vest and cavlar (It is a pain, but it is sometimes painful to your poor feet), I just felt threatened. I seriously aimed at the man that pushed me and he backed up like immediately! I was like “you better get back and break up this fight”! I have never aimed a loaded weapon at anyone before, but the feeling was like adrenlynn rushing inside me. I notified the NCO that was in charge at the Mayor’s Cell and my battle buddy and they came quick! I explained everything. The NCO from the Mayor’s Cell yelled at the local men and ended the work for the day. It was pitch black already and I have been working from 6am to 10pm that day. The contractors (local iraqi) ended their work day around 930ish.

  2. Stephanie Marsh

    Mr. Goldsmith,

    It was REAL meeting with you this past weekend. Thank you so much for your honesty. I would like to discuss something with you. Please I know your busy if you could find the time to get back to me it would be great. Thank you,Stephanie Marsh

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