Roadside Bomb Explosion


Hunter’s squad does something to anger the locals at Mokesa. Every time they enter or leave town they’re hit by an IED—Improvised Explosive Device—a road side bomb. In this video, Hunter shows us what’s it’s like to drive down a rural road in Iraq and the surprises possibly waiting around every corner.

The Enemy Films Their Rocket Attack Against Ur


Insurgents launch ten IRAMs—rockets loaded down with extra explosives and lobbed onto bases—onto our base at JSS Ur. The large fireball is our generator exploding. The attack was the largest such attack in the history of the War in Iraq and although they wrecked our base, miraculously, no one was killed or seriously wounded.

Burning Generator After Insurgents Launched IRAMs


Hunter films the results of the enemy’s rocket attack at JSS Ur. Get a unique glimpse into the psychological state of the Mediocre Infantrymen mere moments after a devastating attack.

Playing With Fire At Mokesa


Everyone gets a little stir crazy at Mokesa Firebase. Rough living, relentless heat, and endless boredom lead us onto interesting pastimes. In this video, Skimmons and Chewie duel with flaming spears.

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